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  • for 27 days daily 5.2% vip
    • deposit amount 20-10000$
    • deposit included
    • ref. commission % from deposit
  • for 7 days 107%
    • deposit amount 10-100$
    • deposit at the end
    • ref. commission % from profit
  • for 40 days daily 1.8%
    • deposit amount 1000-10000$
    • deposit at the end
    • ref. commission % from deposit

Briefly about usAbout us

Gambling industry - a clever investment!

If we look around, we will see enough people who managed to create their own business and get solid dividends from it. However, before starting your own business or making an essential investment in order to earn profit one has to bear in mind that there are not so many niches in the world markets that guarantee the 100% profit.

The spheres that can guarantee you profit at high probability rate as a rule are related to human nature and interpersonal relations.

Conflict is inherent to human nature! So arms trafficking will always be in demand. A human is venturous. So despite all prohibitions gambling has always been and will be present in this world in one way or another. Do you want to earn money without any risk? We offer you to invest funds into opening casinos in free-trade areas. In other words, to put a win-win stake on a sure profit. We all know the way a casino works: it wins in 100 cases out of 100.

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"Jazzle" is a project developing on the basis of needs and comments, a living organism, a collective mind!

"Jazzle" is a project coming towards partners who are able to develop their personal offline business on our platform. The system of motivations and personal achievements is built individually for each prospective partner.

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      partnerspartnersAffiliate offer:
      • 8% 3% 2% 1% 0,5%For Partners:

        Partner - this term in our system provides: You are an investor who made a deposit in our system, invited a new client through your referral link. With confident work and fulfillment of certain working conditions the Partner receives the status of a representative, which gives him the most favorable conditions for cooperation. Read more on the page "Representatives".

      • 12% 4% 3% 2% 1%Representatives:

        Representative - the next stage of career growth after the status "Partner". You are an investor who has made a deposit in our system, no less than a certain amount of the rules, who has already invited several people on its referral link, whose deposit amounts also fulfill the condition of the system. Status "Representative" has a much greater range of opportunities for flexibility in working conditions and providing the necessary information in one form or another. More information on "Representatives".